From left to right: Pauli Gurko (guitar), Kauko Kuusisalo (drums), Henri Kuula (vocals), Tami Luukkonen (bass), Jukka Aho (guitar)

Since its formation in 2007, Gorephilia has been smashing skulls and slitting arteries with their labyrinthine riffs and demonic blasts starting with the 2010's "In Death". The demo was eventually put on tape by Me Saco Un Ojo Records, who have handled the analog releases since then. The agonizing and dooming 2011 EP "Ascend to Chaos" was unearthed under the new covenant of death with Dark Descent Records who handled the CD release. In 2012 the first full-length assault "Embodiment of Death" spawned and brought Gorephilia's sound to a new plane of cruel, unforgiving ferocity.

The second and latest volume of putrid violence took nearly five years of fermenting and some changes in the line-up. 2017 full-length "Severed Monolith" delves even deeper into the unknown universes of nihilism, emptying both barrels of meteor shower slugs straight into our victims ears.

Gorephilia has terrorized numerous venues in Finland and abroad, alongside bands such as Sadistic Intent, Grave, Corpsessed, Anatomia, and Krypts, and appeared on great underground festivals and events like Killtown Deathfest, Hammer Open Air, Steelfest and Finnish Death Metal Maniacs.