Lyrics by Henu

Diseases, eating away their bodies
putrid smell, the plague is here
to wipe out the whole of humanity
devastated, they begin to pray

All nations gathered under a banner
"together we can gain the strength"
"as long as there is life there is hope"
all true believers now unite!
as the last drop of hope is gone
no one has answered to their prayers
your faith has shown you your lethal fault
your gods mercy for your decaying minds!

The last ones still able to breathe
with agonizing screams their bodies collapsing
along with their weak states of mind
laying on the ground, still able to witness
as your world is set ablaze!

Nothing can escape the chaos
infernal flames, collapsing empires
everything you know now under a hammer
even the clouds burn in the sky

Watching your world turn to ashes
everywhere around you
earthquakes splitting the ground
the earth devouring every last bit
finally swallowed by the abyss
dawn of a new age of misery

Thee, the Doomed!
now stand before your god

And watch him fade away

Death of everything
chaotic spiritual extinction
doomed to witness
as the last bits burn

As the fires wither
the last of light escapes
and all of existence
turns to black


Lyrics by Henu

Brief, terrifying moments of conciousness
like a dream without substance
a life worth living?
neither awake nor asleep
total emotional emptiness

For years I've been
dwelling in the deepest
depths of apathy

For years I've been
for a soul within myself

A battle of good and evil
a soul stillborn

A battle of life and death
my hope entombed

All light has faded
all warmth is gone
my being filled
with total hatred for life
triumph of a war
a life at it's end
A peak of perfection

The moment of my death

All I saw in chaos was hell
for I couldn't see the beauty
everywhere around me
I revealed the true meaning of life
by embracing Death divine

All life ever gave to me
was confusion and futility
never will I let a cage of flesh
keep me restrained

Never again

Lyrics by Jukka

Voices from beyond
with their venomous tongue
"Give in to madness!" they whisper
asphyxiation of the soul
my being a fractured, distorted image

The horrors I see
are not reality
and the pain I fee
to that pain I kneel

the voices told me
"Ascend to chaos
and you will see
The Truth!"

A disease
beetween my spirit and flesh
my mind
alienating from my body

Void of reason
senseless brainwave
urge to violate the order
put myself above the norms
I need blood for living
I've got to rape to survive

All my life can't compare
to a single burst of violence
In a blink of an eye
I felt a lifetime of death

I gave in to madness!


Lyrics by Jukka

The excitement that lying gives
and the rush of stealing
the fruits of betrayal
all pleasures of sin

All Your rewards
they are all lures
I was born for evil
I learned to destroy

I was born to find You
I learned the way
to find a world beyond
the beginning of all things

Following Your pleasure
like dangling carrots
concealed behind matter
in unimaginable void

I will tear the world apart
pervert and exploit men and women
use and abuse, hurt and destroy
build a tower from bones of the murdered
and from my tower above the heavens
I will pray with the cries of my victims!

Can You see the pyres of bodies?
can You see the fires sweeping the forests?
can You smell the decay of this world?
can You feel the death Your creation?
I know we will soon be one!

Closer.. Closer..

Where are You?
can You hear the screams?
tell me Father
have I destroyed enough?

Evil.. Not for some personal gain but for the evil itself

Every child
of this cursed world
loves the sin

this path feels so good
how long is it still?

I can't be far
I can almost see You Father