Lyrics by Henu

From the damp caverns where life once spawned
where dreams come true and hopes are to die
in the rotting stench of the past divine
the primordial slime has summoned ancient horrors

Desperately crawling above to the vast plains
in disgust escaping the sickening slaughter
trembling forwards in an endless snowy desert
freezing winds numbing the pain

A great voice echoes in the north
an abominable being screaming forth blasphemies
an ancient evil calling, commanding ahead
towards the mountains of madness!

Evoked hostile mental state
dawning the new coming
darkness neverending
crushes the weak and depraves the sane
primitive lust gains control
sparks indifference for ones soul
towards the heavens or straight to hell
either way it's all the same

Diving deep to the divine temple
approaching the distant howling
getting louder with a growing stench of rot
insane maze that god forgot
from life's beginning 'till the end
the final release lingering ahead
bringing gods to their knees
setting their pantheon in flames

In his lust man turned the key
to destruction of true belief
full force ahead, the gods are slain
new world of wonder now awaits

Carnal needs now satisfied
but no control, all left behind
clearly never meant to be
not of god, not for man

Lyrics by Jukka

Omens illuminate a way
Gates of no return
Weak emissions
strong enough to pull you in

Defiant shadows
from the past dissipate
You had to die first
to prepare for the departure

Time slows down
as I approach the portal
a black gate to the infinity
supernatural forces
guide me closer

no option of turning back
my existence is stretched to its limits
I spread on all planes and dimensions

I hail death!
between two universes
flesh diseased
let loose the spirit
reach for the spheres
existential expansion
Seven Gates
Seven Spheres

Lyrics by Jukka

Ignite the chilling howls
screams of ancient beasts
with a thick shower of blood
spewing from the maw

Deafened by the roar
earshattering gurgle
blood blackening the vision
journey begins, leading inward

Once again free from the flesh
inside a womb of vomit and blood
to forget mortality
you had to die first

Decomposing monument
parody of life's worth
shadows of the past
still tearing apart the flesh
from beyond the grave
a curse falls upon the loyal
those who dare to penetrate
the shell of time and life

Slip back to the grave
knowing your place
hear the quakes
echoes straight from Hell

Once again free from the flesh
inside a womb of vomit and blood
to forget mortality
you had to die first

Lyrics by Henu

Eons have passed
since the light withered away
as the one descended
to the hellish realm below

the return will mark
the end of all we know
bringing existence
to it's final conclusion

search for wisdom, the giver of light
from the unhallowed deeps it is time for your rise!
for those with doubt, it is time for you to die!

for I will never understand their hate
too scared in their feeble restraints
confined to their idiocy
true practitioners of a fallen faith

my dream, soon their nightmare
to once stand face to face
with an absolute power

to see the way beyond all doubt
from the very end of darkness we have traveled

to the blinding lights, down the caverns
beyond walls of hell, deep in the land of death

behind the black door
bearing the symbol of the one true lord
where ultimate truths are revealed
and unearthly beings dwell in the shadows

a great hall of might
the one sitting on its frozen throne
around this majesty
the gods stand aghast
for the ancient one
has opened its eyes

Lyrics by Henu

Oh the suffering!
Outcast into this night of Hell
Morbid Visions of violence
The demons keep following me...

Is there no way out?
Suicide? I cut myself
Trying to escape this curse
Paralyzed I fall to the ground

As the ghouls are rising from their graves
The Moon is shining, the Evil is coming
I can feel myself drifting from this world...
Blood keeps flowing, I fall into the Void

Is there nothing?
What has come of me?
Have I lost myself?
To Infinity...

Can it get any worse than this?
My fate? To nonexist?
Where is the Eternal Bliss?
No such thing, not for me?


Final judgement?
All is gone for Eternity
No such thing, not for me

Why am I?

Lyrics by Jukka

Planted in your torment and death
The seeds of a dark future
Satisfying it's bloodthirst
With your own mouths

Fear and agony
Lure them with justice
Push them to the edge
To a point of no return

Make them suffer
and carry on their pain
Draw scars between them
They never fade

Pride and bitterness
Make the wheel turn
Human nature
Makes the world burn

In order to create
you must destroy
Cycle of life
A wheel of death

Lyrics by Henu

Fooled us with your, "coming redemption"
nothing is what it seems
your ways no better than ours
unholy saints without souls

The blinded leading the blind
empty words full of hollow wisdoms
answers filled with false promises
envoys of the grand deceiver

Grand inquisitors of our rotten world
Holders of our cosmic balance
Healers of our plagues, the holy saviors
Those we trusted have brought us to our Doom

Angels of genocide
storm across the sky
while all the doomed
search for a reason
why the heavens
are black with death
and demons of hell
roam free among the living

The false prophets have failed us for the last time
we'll take them down with us all
a bloody mass of selfdestruction
burning steel against my cold skin

I have flesh eating maggots crawling down my spine
I can feel them squirming deep behind my eyes
We are the holy men weltering in gods vomit

only deity we'll ever see
dying in agony
no grand finale
saints are buried alive
and we lay down to die
only ash and scorched soil
covering our dead land

Lyrics by Tami

From high above the starlit sky
cast a shadow over the beings of time
and space between the stars is dark
denied by light

Hidden among the shadow
a slithering rapture
the light of the stars
unveils its capture

The cross of chains and hooks
pierce through the palm of the hand
until there is nothing more to gain
and the chains circle the arm

Twisted across from side to side
but merely a limb can't fulfill their hunger
as there is much more in the illusion of desire
and the chains cocoon the lungs
the hour at hand will complete the rite

Anxious gasp for air
inhales the life out of the living
and by every pull of the chained hand
the cycle starts again