Lyrics by Tami

Fumes rising from the soil...
Breath of ancient times

Slowly inhaling
lungs starting to bleed
Ground exhaling
skin dripping from your body

Pieces of Flesh
as icons of your existence
Symbols of Faith
bones withered to dust

Macabre existence of once so divine
Boils vomiting gods gib, entrails, disgorge

One seems to have forgotten it's creation

Cadaver, transformed into liquid
this spawn absorbed to the ground
Only the rotting eyes to see
what life has become

Lyrics by Jukka

All life has ceased
to exist upon the earth
A planet-sized mass grave
for the human race

Death is eternal
as life's just temporary
All that is left
are the shadows of our tombstones

Can you feel how the universe
is filled with emptiness
Small stars sailing
on a cold sea of darkness

Your soul disappears
With your rotting body

Paint your picture
with your fading colours
Carve your name
on a corroding rock

Human monuments
buried by time
Death, hear my praise!
as I await your embrace

All life has ceased
to exist upon the earth
A planet-sized mass grave
for the human race

Lyrics by Henu

Oh the suffering!
Outcast into this night of Hell
Morbid Visions of violence
The demons keep, following me...

Is there no way out?
Suicide? I cut myself,
Trying to escape this curse
Paralyzed, I fall to the ground

As the ghouls are rising from their graves
The Moon is shining, the Evil is coming
I can feel myself drifting from this world...
Blood keeps flowing, I fall into the Void

Is there nothing?
What has come of me?
Have I lost myself?
To Infinity...

Can it get any worse than this?
My fate? To nonexist?
Where is the Eternal Bliss?
No such thing, not for me?


Final judgement?
All is gone for Eternity
No such thing, not for me

Why am I?