Lyrics by Jukka

Here the wind tastes like your breath
It has charred my tongue and lungs
You're on another plane
In another time

Paling in your shadow
I offer my bitter flesh
I need a god to die for
But a god needs no man

A noose that leads to another world
Fastened tightly around my neck
My faith, my only way to you
In the grip of your cold fingers

Awoken by the shivering wounds
Something straightens my broken neck
I pierce the sky with my eyes
No trace of your poison in sight

Now truly left in total solitude
In the mists of a desolate waste
A slave breaks down in apathy
But a god needs no one

A child strangled by his navel cord
Clawing his way through the womb
This will be the day of his birth
This will be the birth of a god

Lyrics by Tami

What is once cast down to the boiling cauldrons of Hell,
shall never rise again.
May the longing be answered
in that pitch black darkness.
And the lust for the womb,
so long yearned,
reach its fulfillment.

The cry of agony echoes unobserved.
Its melody was silent from the beginning.
A hymn of a choir
hanged with their own tongues.
And eyes gouged out.
Burning in the flames of hellfire.

For what purpose does sight serve in darkness?
Blessed darkness.

It is to be upon us.
And in the end of our time
we shall rejoice.
That is the prophecy foretold.
The forbidden prophecy.
The twilight of men.
Existence beyond darkness blinds my eyes.

So they are to be fed to hellfire.
As my existence itself.
Darkness, blessed darkness. Be my guide.
All things beyond I shun.

I cast curses, to the beings of light,
striking like thousand arrows of death.
I whisper silently to the night.
I pray in the darkness for the end to come.

Madness prevails.
Termination hungers for birth.
The birth of an abomination,
only to live as an reflection of excrement.
Its existence worthless
as the denial it oozes.

The end draws near.
The prophecy will be unveiled.
What will the salvation be?
The cry of agony echoes in the unobservant universe.
It was silent from the beginning.

Darkness, blessed darkness.
Be my guide.
Darkness, blessed darkness.
All things beyond I shun.

Lyrics by Tami

Call forth all horrors and forms,
evoken in the Dis, Dis, Dis.
Apocalyptic destroyer,
mocking the past, present and future.

Impaling all the secret spheres,
crucified into stagnation.

I silently stood by, as petrified.
Like a vision it came to me.

Painted before my eyes, art so obscure.
All before it was nothing but an illusion.

"The Fool fed the jackal heads
with the souls of the fearful,
and their essence...feasted the snakes
like upon death, truly."

Only, and Only,
in submission the souls once manifested.
Now their hate clothe them in parody.
Like a deity of mischief disguised as valour.

The gaping maw open wide,
deeper into the stygian embrace.
Closer to the edge,
in the bowels of hell.
To the bottomless arms,
past the teeth of the damned.
Souls, harmageddon.

"And digested
they shall burn...
To a complete ruin.
Their fall will never end."

Lyrics by Jukka

Lyrics by Jukka

The evil seed sown years ago
nurtured by my bile
With pride it fed on my flesh
and built this void as its throne
With an empty stare
I sit here bleeding
Thick blood slowly flows
from my swollen mouth

Come forth now my fear
Come forth my lust and anger
I am your will made manifest
I am yours as you are mine

One by one, through my skin
Black horns bursting out
One by one, the time has come
to hail the stillborn king

Let my words be your spears
Let my fist be a your hammer
Let me give you form
And let me have substance

I suffocate in this thick air
Deadly venoms circulate
I can feel my brain
pouring out of my nostrils
I give my hand for you to raise
My fist for you to possess
My mind for you to dim
My eyes for you to blind

Come forth now my bitterness
Come forth my greed, my demons
I am your corporeal form
Reveal me the enemy

One by one, through my skin
Black horns bursting out
One by one, the time has come
to leave this hollow shell behind

Lyrics by Jukka

Men of discipline practising restraint
The times have walled out the feral animals
Anxious wolves taught to sit
Out of sight, thrice denied

The new human stands still
His eyes feast without mercy
upon the smoothness of bare skin
What pressure the veins endure

A mental dam clogs the flow of thought
A pit of concentrated hatred filling up
The surface is calm like a mirror
Yet the first cracks echo in the ravenous storm
Echo in the ravenous storm

Brain cut off from the outside world
Closed eyes submerged in black ooze
Enforcers of the masquerade
drop their weapons and join the war

Teeth reveal themselves to their owners
The lethal hunger embedded in our nature
The shadow that draped the blinded eyes
illuminates the carnal truth within

The beasts mouth watering with the scent
Sink the blade deep into the flesh of another
Ejaculating aggression with every heartbeat
Now admiring as the impaled drip

A mental dam clogs the flow of thought
A pit of concentrated hatred filling up
The surface is calm like a mirror
Yet the first cracks echo in the ravenous storm
Echo in the ravenous storm

But the dam still
stood adamant and tall
A deranged man
torn in his inward gaze

The man and the wolf he sheltered
buried in the same body and grave
Screaming his last breath to the earth
The earth pushing into his throat

Lyrics by Jukka

Banished from the light plane
Back to where I began
Return to Dark Space
Cold and soulless

For a time I was a shadow
Cast upon the living
A hollow shell
Waiting to fade away

Sharing the same emptiness
But deafened by laughter
They couldn't hear
The echoing pain inside

Now in darkness
We revel in filth
Take guilt in pleasure
And great pleasure in guilt

Turn our heads away
From infinite worlds
Paralyzed by lust
Anguished by passion

Powered by self-loathing
Chasing the sins
To mute the voice
Inside my head
To see all in gray
Has become the only way
To be able to bear
With my existence

Return to Dark Space
Bitter and unforgiving
I am a hypocrite
A passive avenger

Self-preserving lies
Shattered mirrors
We know each other
But we cannot burn

I await the star
Brighter than sun
To burn through me
To e-va-po-rate the sha-dow

But in this moment
I'll suffocate you
And feed on the reflection
Of my own disgust

Weightless, I move
Towards all lights
Ethereal, I am
Stars lick my flesh


Lyrics by Jukka

Blood rolls down from my swollen eyes
As I watch myself decompose
Drop by drop she swallows my being
I'm too tired to feel the pain

My lifeless feet melt and drip down
And in time the rest is to follow
The strength to fight back
I lost it years ago

Discovering new bones and muscles
Just as they snap and dissolve
Losing more than I ever had
I am content and calm

Only by withstanding this tribulation
Am I to become one with my will
Triumphant return to power
A true image of my highest ideals

I drank and I drank from the well
of poisonous obsession
Maddened by desire
I wanted to bear the disease

What I did not sacrifice
I lost in the fall
Spinelessly twitching
in a puddle of secretions

Skin eaten away by acid
Flesh burnt by salt
My triumph now out of reach
I will never be whole again

The earth longs for my flesh
I know the time is closing in
But the release is fleeing
The sleep is drifting away

Come, Death
Give me what life could not
Come, Death
Give me closure
Come, Death
Give me what life could not
Come, Death
Give me a conclusion