Lyrics by Henu

Humanities collide again
Plunge into a state most revered
Movement in the wheels of time
A sick world engulfed in flames

Holy unions
Sacred pacts
Blackened by disease
Millenia of suffering comes to an end

The tranquility of war
Intensified circle of creation
Within their flesh they are limitless
And soon they will be more

The blessed now see the inversion of heaven
Violently the hordes unleash their perversions
One after another they fall
Forming a rotten mass
Bringing about the most beautiful sight

Flesh biting into flesh
Connecting the future to the past
Blood flows in multiple currents
Forming a vicious vortex of death

For bloodshed they traded their bloom
A single moment of satisfaction
Amidst a perpetual struggle
Steered towards the end!

A dying gods final embrace
No one left to hold the reins
Now in the abyss their echoes lie frozen
And chaos ensumes its course