We added all lyrics to our releases to this website!
You can read them from the DISCOgraphy section.

Also added info on the upcoming

You can listen to it here:
Me Saco Un Ojo Bandcamp

Learn to Die!

- Henu


We now have a bigcartel store to help you purchase things:
Gorephilia BigCartel shop

You can also follow us on Instagram!

We are also embarking on a menacing European tour with UNDERGANG this summer!
The dates can be found from the LIVE section.

Also a new release is on its way for the tour.
So keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Discography section also updated with links to listen to our releases!

Never miss a Death!

- Henu


A preview track from Severed Monolith now available online.
This is called The Ravenous Storm!


- Henu

23.12.2016 SEVERED MONOLITH 3/3/2017

After two great shows in Berlin and Copenhagen, now it's time to unleash the great cover art by Raul Gonzalez!

Also below you will find the tracklisting for the album:

1. Interplanar
2. Hellfire
3. Harmageddon of Souls
4. Words that Solve Problems
5. Black Horns
6. The Ravenous Storm
7. Return to Dark Space
8. Eternity
9. Crushed Under the Weight of God

We'll also have a new preview track for you online soon!

Rot through life, towards Death!

- Henu

28.11.2016 SEVERED MONOLITH release date 3 / 3 / 2017

A release date has been set for the new album called SEVERED MONOLITH. It will be out 3 / 3 / 2017. It will be released on CD by Dark Descent records and on vinyl LP by Me Saco Un Ojo, as usual. More info with a cover, track listing and so on will follow a bit later.

We have two shows coming up in Copenhagen, Denmark and Berlin, Germany!

The first one will be in Copenhagen at the KB18 club with SADISTIC INTENT, PHRENELITH and DEHUMAN on 8th of December 2016.

FB Event for Copenhagen: https://www.facebook.com/events/1762879867304390/

The second one is with UNDERGANG at the Koma F in Berlin on 10th of December 2016.

FB Event for Berlin: https://www.facebook.com/events/339736816398022/

We will be bringing at least some In Death shirts with us, so get yours while you can.

See you out there...

Cum for Death!

- Henu

24.5.2016 Album ready soon. One track streaming now!

Dark Descent records has one of the songs streaming now on their online compilation.:

Otherwise the album is nearly finished. We just got the cover art back from the great Raul Gonzalez!

Here is also a clip from the studio, from the recording of a song "Crushed Under the Weight of God".

Also some new gigs coming up!

First one to be announced is Turun Kuolema 2 -fest.
We will be playing along the likes of Angelcorpse, Centinex and Defeated Sanity.
This two day event is on 28. - 29.10.2016 in Turku, Finland.
Facebook event for the TK2-fest

EDIT: This just got announced:
We are playing another two day event.
In the Lepakkomies bar in Helsinki.
Bands like Pestigore and Lie in Ruins are also playing!
1. - 2.7.2016 (At the time of the Tuska festival)
Facebook event for the Lepakkomies gig

Get ready to DIE!


5.2.2016 New shredder recruited and studio booked!

A new guitarist Pauli Gurko has emerged from obscurity to fill the recently emptied casket. Also, we have finally made the booking and we are entering the studio in April for the recording of our next full length album. We have churned out seven songs of the fastest and most brutal fucking death metal you have ever experienced! After these recordings we will also be more active in the live front. So expect us to bring the violence straight to you!

Awaiting your Doom


4.11.2015 The carcasses are still twitching!

We have been vehemously writing new material for our next full length and now we are booking the studio for the next recording sessions! Unfortunately Jussi deceided to seek his next adventures elsewhere and we are in search of a new guitarist. However, this setback will not jeopardize the studio sessions and the next strike is going ahead as planned!

During the past few years we have been doing the occasional gigs and rehearsing like hell. You can see a full live show including quite a few songs from the upcoming album on Youtube HERE!

We also answered to an interview recently which you can read here.

Keep up with the madness to secure your place in eternal Hell!


28.1.2014 Return from the dead

The website is up and running again. We had to clean it up after some sort of break-in by some hackers. Also all info is finally up to date. We'll try not to leave this site to rot again and keep it relevant with reliable info and the occasional news.

So a quick summary of events from the blackout: Tommi Makkonen has left the band and Kauko Kuusisalo is the drummer now. We also played at Steelfest and did two gigs with ANATOMIA and UNDERGANG in Denmark. More live appearances to be announced SOON!


13.7.2012 Embodiment of Death

Our debut full-lenght album is here! Including 8 songs spanning over 36 minutes of sheer Death Metal Insanity! See the Discography section for more details.
You can check some samples Here, here, and a live video of 7 Gates, 7 Spheres here.
The CD is out through Dark Descent records.
And the LP version will follow through Me Saco Un Ojo.


30.3.2012 Full length album coming!

We'll be recording our debut full length album on the Easter weekend. We have a bunch of new stuff and one older song to be featured. It's going to be sick and merciless, beware!


16.2.2012 More live dates & sample sites!

A couple of new shows in Helsinki added to the Live section.
We also deleted our myspace account and added songs to Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Check them out!


26.1.2012 Gorephilia confirmed for Hammer Open Air 2012!

The festival will take place in Lieto, Finland (near Turku) on 20.-21.7.2012.
Other bands including f.ex. Asphyx, Necrophobic and Destroyer 666


25.11.2011 Ascend to Chaos 12" vinyl OUT NOW!

The vinyl version of our EP is out now through Me Saco Un Ojo records. 400 copies on black vinyl and 100 copies on burgundy vinyl. GO GET IT NOW!!!


30.8.2011 Gorephilia confirmed for Kill-Town Deathfest 2011!

Gorephilia will be opening the fest in Copenhagen, Denmark on Friday 02.09.2011 at 18:00. Don't miss this display of unforgiving savagery! See you there!


12.6.2011 "Ascend to Chaos" available for order

For those who missed it, the "Ascend to Chaos" MCD has been available for order on Dark Descent Records and some distros around the world for some time already. The Dark Descent shop is also offering our T-SHIRTS so be sure to check them out! Here's a taster!

We also just recorded a new song at our rehearsal place and we're doing the vocals for it tomorrow. The song will be featured on a finnish death metal compilation that should be out this year and most propably on the future full lenght debut.


19.3.2011 "Ascend to Chaos" complete and new gigs...

Our next release is now ready for release and will be called "Ascend to Chaos" containing six tracks and having a running time of over 28min! More concrete info such as release dates will be announced later.

A tape edition of "In Death" is going to be out very soon from
ME SACO UN OJO records! Those of you who have a taste for the analog should check it out.

We're also throwing a couple of gigs now, you can see them in the LIVE section. Expect total massace!


31.1.2011 EP recordings complete!

We've finally finished the recording of our upcoming release. Next up: mixing. Stay tuned for more info on the actual incarnation of our next step towards chaos!


19.12.2010 New drummer!

We are proud to present the super fast Tommi Makkonen as our new drummer! We're now in the process of re-learning our material to blast our audiences out at gigs in the near future!


15.12.2010 New homepage up!

Our long gone website is back, looking better than ever. Hope you like it. We'll try to update it as much as we can.